Californian's love our perfect weather and year round sports, so when you make great demands on your bodies, we help to keep you going back for more! 

Your training, fun and lifestyle shouldn't have to stop because you feel too much pain. Many have used our Deep Tissue, Thai and Sport Massages to stay out of the chiropractor and in the game. If your making such great demands on your body, you should be seeking our specialized massage that is tailored specifically to the athlete in all of us!

Cross Fit & Body Builders
Popular amongst the demands of pushing, pulling, lifting and training is our deep tissue, sports massage and thai massage. All designed to eliminate pain and keep you out of the chiropractors office!

Mountain Climbers & Hikers
You just put in 5, 10, maybe 20 miles on the mountain, you need foot reflexology, combined with deep tissue or thai to work and stretch what has been compressed.

Surfers & Runners
A day on the waves and sand can take its toll. Try our sports massage or deep tissue designed to release the tension, stretch what got tight and relax those muscles so you can do it all again tomorrow!